Gokul Ayurvedic Hospitals committed to provide super specialty Ayurvedic treatment with modern equipment along with dedicated team of well experienced and highly qualified people.

Gokul Ayurvedic Hospitals is one of the biggest Corporate Ayurvedic Hospital Group in Andhra Pradesh, India.


Veda's in which the ancient knowledge was found,

  • Rigveda
  • Samaveda
  • Yajurveda
  • Atharvaveda, are four branches.

Vedas have been handed over to us generation by generation over several thousand years of oral tradition, before written in script form in Talapatra Grandhas (Script written in Palm Leaves). Ayurvedic  literature explained in Atharvaveda.

Ayurveda literally mean's Science of Life, a complete Health Care System. Ayurveda is a Traditional Health Care System of INDIA.


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